Dear customers:

Our service hotline provides customers with value-added services such as consultation, complaint and business acceptance, as well as market research and business development services for the FUDAO  market and sales personnel, as well as providing first-hand customer information for the FUDAO  management as decision support. Whenever and wherever you need advice, assistance, complaints or other assistance, you are welcome to call the FUDAO customer service hotline: 021-64329020.
FUDAO new materials will be dedicated to providing you with quality services.

For the services provided by the new materials in FUDAO:
Product consultation: the guiding price, technical status and performance parameters of all series of products in FUDAO;
Service consulting: distribution of FUDAO sales outlets, simple troubleshooting, rapid response services;
Product quality complaints;
Complaint on sales and service;
Top agent information and join;
I am also looking for your comments and Suggestions on FUDAO products and services.