Founded in 1995, Shanghai fudao new materials technology co., LTD. (formerly Shanghai fudao chemical co., LTD.) is one of the earliest companies in the industry and a comprehensive enterprise integrating r&d, production, sales and management.
        Fukushima focus on high quality, industrial equipment oil, metalworking fluids cleaning rustproof packaging and water-based environmental protection coating production and research and development, many research institutions in Germany, Japan, multinational companies have close technical exchanges and cooperation, the company based on the increasingly fierce competition in the market both at home and abroad, gradually established industrial lubricants, anti-rust agent, industrial processing medium, high precision cleaning agents, industrial water-based high-end coating five series of products. At the same time, according to the specific target market, optimize and improve the research and development team, cultivate and introduce excellent research and development talents, and actively build the core research and development team. At present, there are 32 r&d personnel of new materials in fukushima, among which 80% are those with master's degree or above and senior technical personnel. Company employee undergraduate course and the

worker of equivalent educational level above occupies 90% or so. The company has more than 230 kinds of products, with an average annual development of dozens of products, 18 patents for invention, and a number of product patents are being applied.
         Shanghai fukushima always pays attention to the technical consultation of customers, always takes customer demand as the basis of research and development and production, provides customers with high-quality products and services, and    constantly improves customer value. Integration management "in 2005 the company began to contact" chemicals business, advocating "technical advantages authors, global plan as a whole, the high quality service, continuous improvement, improve customer value" five management concept, with "management costs by 10%, the product cost reduced by 10%, daily consumption reduced by 3%," the management objective, management project involves machining system of chemicals, coating system, etc. In 2010, the company's products are continuously upgraded and extended, dabbling in water-based coatings. In 2017, the company's water-based coating products have been continuously upgraded to develop intelligent manufacturing and promote industry 4.0. At the same time, our company is more customer oriented product safety, environment and health, and have passed ISO09001 quality management system certification, ISO140014 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system and hazardous chemicals business license and other relevant honorary certificates, to ensure the company's sustainable development.
       Fukushima is committed to providing customers with excellent products, services and a full range of technical solutions. Fukushima has established a wide customer base in the automobile, construction machinery, shipbuilding and other industries, and has become its important supplier. China faw, dongfeng motor, Beijing foton, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai gm, Shanghai diesel, Great Wall, Mr Fukuda cummins, Beijing auto power, cloud in power, weichai power, QuanChai, hino engine power, in the rich seiko, new morning, jinhong crankshaft, shan chai, the 618 Arsenal, the Chinese mitsui, juki hudong zhonghua, Shanghai boiler plant, Beijing north Thai engine plant, zijiang group and other large enterprise groups are widely used in the products of fukushima.

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